Bill D'Arcy_How could he be guilty?
The Support Group

Bill D'Arcy supporters consist of :-

1. Those who believe that because of the extensive pre-trial publicity, Bill D'Arcy had no chance of a fair trial.


2. Those who believe that because of a plethora of uncorroborated evidence, contradictory allegations, and conflicting accounts, he should never have been found guilty.


3. Those who believe that because of evidence given at the trials, evidence suppressed by the police, and evidence which has been clarified or uncovered since, he was not guilty of any charges.


4, Those who believe that because of the consistent refusal of all government and legal authorities to accept Bill D'Arcy's request for an independent enquiry into his case, especially in the light of evidence which has emerged since the trials, he is suffering a further injustice.

Introduction and Summary.

William Theodore D'Arcy, a Member of the Queensland Parliament off and on from 1972 to 1974 and from 1977 to 2000 (see About Bill). He was accused of raping one student, and a series of other sexual offences during his time as a young teacher, in his twenties, in a number of Queensland primary schools. The accusation of rape by one of these students has turned out to be absurd, and most of the other charges (from about 12 persons over 4 trials), collected by police trawling over a long period, have mostly dissolved into contradictions and nothingness. In one of these, the judge had to abort the trial because none of the accusers could remember what they said in their police-assisted statements.

The trawling for accusations was made during a time of "hysteria", as one former senior policeman described it, to protect children and the normal conventions of British justice were compromised. Readers should note that Queensland in general gained a very bad reputation during this period for discarding time honoured legal conventions.

In the Queensland context, from the Fitzgerald Inquiry and other sources, it appears that many politicians had either no knowledge of, or regard for, the Separation of Powers or the Presumption of Innocence. The law and the media became compromised in the pursuit of short term political gain by factions or parties.

The rest of this website gives as much detail as possible without risk of breaking laws made for the protection of innocent people, but which in this case and others are protecting the guilty.

Finally, no one who knows Bill D'Arcy thinks he is guilty of anything — and never has. This includes his wife, his children, his friends, his fellow teachers, his fellow inmates in jail , the warders, the psychiatrists who examined him for paedophilic tendencies, or anyone else, except the few very influential extremists.