The Support Group

Bill D'Arcy supporters consist of :-

1. Those who believe that because of the extensive pre-trial publicity, Bill D'Arcy had no chance of a fair trial.


2. Those who believe that because of a plethora of uncorroborated evidence, contradictory allegations, and conflicting accounts, he should never have been found guilty.


3. Those who believe that because of evidence given at the trials, evidence suppressed by the police, and evidence which has been clarified or uncovered since, he was not guilty of any charges.


4, Those who believe that because of the consistent refusal of all government and legal authorities to accept Bill D'Arcy's request for an independent enquiry into his case, especially in the light of evidence which has emerged since the trials, he is suffering a further injustice.

Introduction and Summary.

William Theodore D'Arcy, was a Member of the Queensland Parliament off and on from 1972 to 1974 and from 1977 to 2000 (see About Bill). He was accused of raping one student, and a series of other sexual offences during his time as a young teacher, in his twenties, in a number of Queensland primary schools. The accusation of rape by one of these students has turned out to be absurd, and most of the other charges (from about 12 persons over 4 trials), collected by police trawling over a long period, have mostly dissolved into contradictions and nothingness. In one of these cases, the judge had to abort the trial because none of the accusers could remember what they said in their police-assisted statements.
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Any chance of a fair trial?

No chance at all when you look at it. In the years, months and weeks up to his trial, Bill D'Arcy was tried, judged and condemned. The media had a field day. Nothing quite sells TV programs and newspapers than a scandal about someone who has achieved high political and social standing. Bill D'Arcy had been deputy leader of the Labor Party in the Queensland Parliament. Many, in this conservative state, ...
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Any chance of "beyond reasonable doubt"?

And was there any observing of the principle that a person is "innocent until proven guilty"? No there wasn't. He was pronounced guilty long before he entered the courtroom. It is a painstaking task examining the transcripts of trials to list the contradictions and anomalies but that is what several of this support group have done. During the four trials many of the lesser charges had to be dropped because of contradictions in the evidence. But they all should have been. In fact one whole trial was "aborted" because accusers ...
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Any chance of innocence proved by facts?

Bill D'Arcy was originally sentenced to 14 years jail. Ten of these fourteen years was for the rape of one girl/woman. So this was the big serious offence. If he was guilty of the "lesser" charges he would have been sentenced to four years jail. The school Register of Students (as distinct from the Attendance Books) were not available at this trial. ...
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Marie Doyle, D'Arcy's fellow teacher, rejects accusations.

Marie requested to be interviewed on video to give her account of police pressure on her and others to give false evidence and to reject an accuser's account as "impossible" (interviewed in Brisbane - October 2014). Here are some important points she made in her interview. (The viewer may need to pause video to carefully read text transitions).

Aspects of the D'Arcy Case

List of Trials and Legal Events

Dr O'Connor's letter to Dr Travis Gee - a must read!

The myth of the Hole in the Wall. The whole question of "recovered memory".

Judge H.W.H Botting threw out the claims of the accusers in the Civil Court.

Full transcript of Botting Judment in pdf

There were many other charges, there are so many accusations, he must have committed some offences - right?

But didn't Bill D'Arcy get a 15 year old girl pregnant?

What exactly did Dr D. O'Connor say to Dr Travis Gee about the rape?

Fellow teacher Marie Doyle in an Affidavit describes police pressure to make statement against Bill D'Arcy, and describes the accusation of a former pupil as "impossible".

Letter from Bill D'Arcy Support Group to Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) asking, in the light of the Doyle Affidavit, to initiate an independent enquiry.

How are we so sure that Bill D'Arcy could never have committed the main crime of rape.

The Renaisance Learning Foundation publishes comments from Dally Messenger, Dr Travis Gee, SSC&S Investigations, and Dianne McInnes.

The Wikipedia that Was ( A very good summary of Bill D'Arcy's case - the entry was later disallowed)

Coincidences and stories.

Teachers Union? - Missing in Action - by David Wales (2001)

Should not these concerns be deal with by the CCC (Crime and Corruption Commission)?

But are not the police allowed to go all out to get evidence against a suspect they believe is guilty?

Why didn't the prisoners in jail give Bill D'Arcy 'the treatment" they usually dish out to paedophiles?

What happened in the UK when the police were exposed as "trawling"?

If you are a male person, why would you ever become a primary school teacher?

The fragile rule of law, the presumption of innocence, and Bill D’Arcy - By Dally Messenger III