Glenn Travers

1948 - 2001

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Eulogy Diana Sherwood, Lawyer,
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Place - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church,
           201-03 29th Avenue, Bayside, New York, 11360

Celebration of Life Service for Glenn Jack Travers

born January 13, 1948 --- died Sept. 11th, 2001

Service was held on October 8, 2001 2:00 p.m.

Diana Sherwood
Celebratory Remarks

Most of us have known Glenn in our own special way. To his mother, "Mama Lynn" he was her "special angel." He was always a giving loving son, and as she gave to him, he gave so much to her-- especially in these last several years.

As Glenn matured, he became a responsible, wonderful, father and husband. Glenn loved his sons so very much, and taught them the fine qualities he himself lived by. He always told them that being honest and doing the best you can in life is all anyone can ever ask of you. Perhaps most importantly, he taught them, that in this world, there are givers and there are takers.

"Always be a giver", he said. Anyone who has met Donn and Glenn Jr. knows they learned very well!

Glenn was a fine hardworking electrician and he often talked to me about the wonderful people he had the privilege of working alongside. He considered his responsibilities to his fellow workers a priority. He cherished his relationship with his lifelong friend, Charlie Bily, also an electrician, and Charlie's wife, Rita. Their beautiful four girls became his family too. Charlie also worked at the Trade Center for the last several years - including the day of September 11.

Growing up in Bayside, Glenn loved his community and he, Charlie, Glenn's brother known as Chuggy, and other friends had many escapades. Perhaps they will share some of them with you today and in the future - ask them.

He shared so many of these stories with me. I loved the story about the time young Glenn came home thrilled with his new bowling ball. While testing his swing in the living room, he accidently lost his grip and sent the ball flying through the living room wall. Even his stern father, Tom, could not hold back his laughter. He also told me of the time while in the passenger seat of his brother Bruce's new car, with his sister Linda, and Chuggy in the back, he popped the car into gear and it rolled down the hill backwards - driverless - coming to rest at the nearest tree. There are many stories and many laughs. I hope we all will share together.

I met Glenn on a plane that I wasn't on, when my friend, Vera, sitting on a seat next to him decided then and there that we were to be a match. She later introduced me to him at the Bayside Diner and with that introduction, the happiest journey of my life began -- that was nine years ago.

Glenn loved to fish and taught me to love it too. He loved long drives in the country and just exploring new places. He loved our quiet moments, rock and roll, and sitting by the fireside in our home. He loved the New York Mets who now, thank god, have an angel in the outfield.

Glenn was a wonderful parent and the best examples of his handiwork are Donn and Glenn, who sit with us today. He is so proud of them and their wonderful partners, Tina and Edilma, with whom they share their lives.

As if raising Donn and Glenn was not enough, he then took on the "mod squad" -- Regina (regee), David (big Dave), and Elizabeth (little one). He loved baseball and taught each of them to play.

He attended their concerts, sports games and patiently helped them with their homework -- far better than I could. He became their best friend.

Glenn had a special place in his heart for the navy - especially the great battleships - he loved the Iowa class. He shared this interest with David and they took adventure eeekends together to visit the naval ships.

Glenn was all these things and more - but to me he was my soulmate and always will be. When I made life complicated, he made it simple. And in my most difficult times, his strength poured into me and I knew, with him at my side, I could get through anything.

It is because of this that I am able to stand here before you today. Glenn loved the Beach Boys and to take a phrase from one of their tunes, one of our intended wedding songs: Glenn- "God only knows where I'd be without you.".

I tried to think what Glenn would say to us sitting here today. Probably, he would say, "Diana, you know how I hate crowds of people."

Although, as much as he protested, he always became the life of the party. A poem came to me from my parents and unfortunately remains anonymous. I believe it expresses the essence of what Glenn would say to us now:


      To my dearest family, some things I'd like to say.
      But first of all to let you know that i arrived o.k.
      I'm writing this from heaven, here i dwell with god above.
      Please do not be unhappy just because i'm out of sight.
      Remember that i'm with you every morning, noon, and night.

      That day I had to leave you when my life on earth was through,
      God picked me up and hugged me and he said, I welcome you.
      Its good to have you back again, you were missed while you were gone.
      As for your dearest family, they'll be there later on.

      I need you here so badly, you're part of my big plan
      There's so much that we have to do to help our mortal man
      God gave me a list of things that he wished for me to do,
      and foremost on the list was to watch and care for you.

      I will be beside you everyday and week and year,
      And when you're sad, I'm standing there to wipe away each tear.
      And when you lie in bed at night, the day's chores put to flight,
      God and I are closest to you in the middle of the night.

      When you think of my life on earth and all those loving years,
      because you're only human, they are bound to bring you tears.
      But do not be afraid to cry - it does relieve the pain.
      Remember there would be no flowers unless there was some rain.

      I wish that I could tell you all what God has planned,
      But if were to tell you, you wouldn't understand.
      But one thing is for certain, though my life on earth is o'er,
      I am closer to you now than I ever was before.

      And to my many friends, trust God knows what is best,
      I am still not very far away from you, I'm just beyond the crest.
      There are many rocky roads ahead of you and many hills to climb.
      But together we can do it by taking one day at a time.

      It was always my philosophy and I'd like it for yours too
      that as you give unto the world, so the world will give to you.
      If you can help somebody who's in sorrow or in pain,
      then you can say to god at night, my day was not in vain.

      And now I am contented that my life it was worthwhile,
      knowing as I passed along the way, I made somebody smile.

      So if you meet somebody who is down and feeling low,
      just lend a hand to pick him up as on your way you go.
      When you are walking on the street and you've got me on your mind,
      I'm walking in your footsteps only half a step behind.

      And when you feel that gentle breeze or the wind upon your face,
      that's me giving you great big hug or just a soft embrace.
      And when its time for you to go from that body to be free,
      remember you're not going, you are coming here to me.

      And I will always love you from the land way up above,
      we'll be in touch again soon,

      P.s. god sends his love.


Glenn, Saint Glenn, as my parents often referred to you, we celebrate your giving, full life. I remember you always telling me that if you wake up in the morning and your feet hit the ground, it's a good day. This is a sad day, but nevertheless, it is a good day. Because, we are not here to close the door on your life, but to keep it open and to have your life and your goodness flow forth forevermore.

Your life will not be defeated by the evil and shocking events of september 11th and i am Committed to that. In celebration of your life and with the respect that you so greatly deserve, I ask your family and friends gathered here today if able, to stand and applaud in recognition of an incredibly beautiful human being who will live on in our hearts forever.

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