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Why you should let your loved ones
know what you want.

Most of us donít think a great deal about death, particularly our own death or the death of a loved one.

When death occurs close to us, we are catapulted into a time of intense grief. We are then required to make important decisions about a funeral when we may not be thinking very clearly.

Planning ahead makes sense.

As with most things in life, it is sensible to arrange what you would like for your funeral before it is needed. That way you can choose what you feel is appropriate, or sit down with your family and discuss their needs too.

In a private, relaxed meeting, our consultants can write down what you would prefer at the time of your death. 

This need only be the ceremony if you wish, but it may also include other instructions which are not normally covered in your will.

There is the opportunity to be as creative as you want with your funeral ceremony. But you need to let someone know what it is that you want.

 For example:

    • type of ceremony
    • the place the funeral is to be held
    • involvement of friends and family
    • music, poetry, hymns etc.
    • involvement of other organisations e.g. RSL, Freemasons or other
    • whether you want cremations or burial
    • details regarding donation of organs to others or to science
    • information required by funeral director
    • saving for a funeral, and
    • many other option.

The signed document you complete with Kathy Hurley Funeral Planning covers all or some of these options. 

It could either be filed away with other papers, such as your Will or given to your executor or another person.

Leave no doubt about what you want in the minds of your family or loved ones. It helps them immensely at a very difficult stage in their grief.

For information on using this service contact us by phone or email .

Kathleen Mary Hurley died on October 21, 2001. She was a world class Funeral Celebrant who started this pioneering work, the Kathy Hurley Funeral Planning Service. She created this because, as a celebrant, at the time of death, she came across so many people who were totally disorganised.

This is a separate plan to a Will but it tells Executor and family what sort of funeral you want, and a lot of other important detail besides, and including, a very important one, about the donation of organs.

As she wrote in one for her letters:-

"Kathy Hurley Funeral Planning, offers people the opportunity to plan and document their requirements for their funeral. Just as it is important to make a will, it is also important to make family and/or loved ones aware of what is preferred for a funeral. This gives peace of mind that what is arranged is appropriate, and alleviates the responsibility placed on family members or friends who may not know what is required. "

Information about Organ Donation is on the following websites

www.vic.gov.au/organ, www.organ.redcross.org.au

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